HELP!...Google SketchUp needs a Python API

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Wed Dec 3 07:01:13 CET 2008

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> "If we can laugh what else would we do"
> I'd like to touch also on some comments by ajaksu:
> [ajaksu]
> I'd like to try hacking some form of Python to work in SketchUp (on
> top of Ruby, that is). Now, why won't I try to? I'm a Linux user and
> we don't get a SU version. So much for FREEDOM. BTW, some things in
> SU
> have encrypted Ruby code behind them :)
> [/ajaksu]
> You CAN use SketchUp on Linux...ajaksu...thru Wine, but I know this is
> not good enough. I would love to see FULL SketchUp support for linux
> and I HAVE made my voice heard. I urge you brother to make make your
> voice heard also.
> Go to this thread and let your voice be heard:
> This is the reason...amoung many others...that Linux has yet to take
> any noticable market from MS. Linux could...If the Linux devolpers
> would ban together and unite to make package managment and portability
> between all *nix's universal, OR one great linux distro that the
> average dummy can use(ubuntu looks promising, but still has a long way
> to go)...compete with microsoft on a grand level. We have to steal the
> idiots from under microsoft's feet, and they will come crumbling down.
> But as long as a poor n00b installs his shiny new *nix system and
> can't even connect to the network to see the latest janet jackson
> "wardrobe malfunction", or fiqure out how to mount a flash drive,
> Linux will be nothing more than our beloved oddessy.
> There will NEVER be good support on linux for most applications,
> games, etc... Until people start to get behind linux and support it.
> Now you say, well i don't have time to support this, my life is too
> busy, my back hurts. I say stop making excuses. You DON'T have to
> invest your life, just simply make your voice heard.(myself and other
> dedicated people will tow the load). But at least get off your bum and
> do something.
> It's time to change the world, the hour is upon us, Microsoft is
> asleep at the wheel, the time for revolution is NOW!
> --

The Ubuntu devs are aware of this issue and a bug report has been filed.
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