Python is slow

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Thu Dec 11 16:53:32 CET 2008

On Dec 11, 7:06 am, Luis M. González <luis... at> wrote:
> On Dec 10, 3:42 pm, cm_gui <cmg... at> wrote:
> >
> > I fully agree with Krzysztof Kowalczyk .
> > Can't they build a faster VM for Python since they love the language
> > so much?
> > Python is SLOW.    And I am not comparing it with compiled languages
> > like C.
> > Python is even slower than PHP!
> > Just go to any Python website and you will know.
> > An example is:
> > And this site is created by the creators of Django!
> > And it is not just this Python site that is slow. There are many many
> > Python sites which are very slow. And please don’t say that it could
> > be the web hosting or the server which is slow — because when so many
> > Python sites are slower than PHP sites, it couldn’t be the web
> > hosting.   Also, Zope/Plone is even slower.
> > Python is slow. Very slow.
> Now seriously, just to finish your idiotic rant, check the Pypy
> project:
> And if you still think this is not enough, why don't you help these
> guys to make it faster?
> Luis

PyPy looks pretty sweet.  I'm glad this discussion was started.  There
always seems to be this buzz about python being slow.  So what if it's
not as fast as C?  I make that up by cutting down development time.  I
figured if I ever ran into something being too slow, that I'd just
have to learn c extensions and replace the bottle necks.  In 2007 I
wrote a system in python that communicated to an autopilot on an
autonomously flying aircraft at real-time.  We never had any speed
issues.  I have not played with django much and I do not typically
develop web apps, but the slowness really must be bloated algorithms
in the libraries you are using.  Programming in other languages (java,
c, c++, c# etc) is not an issue for me, but next to python it's like
writing with a feather and ink instead of a ball point pen.  I have to
put more time into working with the tools I'm using than actually
getting the job done.

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