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> School time son,
> This forum is much more than a question answer session, son. Sure
> people are welcome to ask a Python related question. But this forum is
> really the main highway of Python development and future. If your a
> n00b go to the "Python", you will feel more comfy over
> there.
>From ( -

Pretty much anything Python-related is fair game for discussion, and the
group is even fairly tolerant of off-topic digressions; there have been
entertaining discussions of topics such as floating point, good software
design, and other programming languages such as Lisp and Forth.

*Most discussion on comp.lang.python is about developing with Python, not
about development of the Python interpreter itself.*

Note: python-dev is for work on developing Python (fixing bugs and adding
new features to Python itself); if you're having problems writing a Python
program, please post to comp.lang.python.

*python-dev is the heart of Python's development. Practically everyone with
Subversion write privileges is on python-dev, and first drafts of PEPs are
often posted here for initial review and rewriting before their more public
appearance on python-announce.*

I think you are confusing lists r.

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