Can anyone suggest a good HTTP/1.1 web client?

Kottiyath n.kottiyath at
Tue Dec 16 21:18:17 CET 2008

Hi all,
    I have to connect to a secure website every second to get the data
and then post to it. I have been investigating on many web clients in
python, but nothing fits the bill properly.
    The ones I tried implementing are:
    1. httplib based - I created myself. (I cannot use urllib2 since I
have to transfer files, and urllib2 doesnt have multipart content-type
    2. Twisted web client.
    I also looked at mechanize etc too.

    The problems I face are -
    1. I liked twisted a lot, but when I implemented it, I found that
client support is there only for twisted.web and not twisted.web2.
Since I connect to the same website every time, I would like to have
persistent connections and since twisted.web is HTTP/1.0, persistent
connection support is not yet there. Without persistent connections, I
would have to have TCP connection handshake everytime and it is taking
too much time.
    2. Since I connect to the website every second, I have to have
many connections running at the same time. I am worried that creating
threads for each connection is going to be a big problem (esp if the
server response is slow), since the processor will get swamped -
especially since there are many other activities going on in the
   3. I would also like to pipe line the requests - esp if the
response is slow.

   Other requirements:
   1. HTTPS Support
   2. Connection through proxy.

   Is there any good web client which I can use straight up? Or would
I have to implement the whole thing myself? It looks like a big beast
and I was wondering whether python provides it straight up.


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