Mathematica 7 compares to other languages

Xah Lee xahlee at
Wed Dec 3 22:15:11 CET 2008

On Dec 3, 8:24 am, Jon Harrop <j... at> wrote:
> My example demonstrates several of Mathematica's fundamental limitations.

enough babble Jon.

Come flying $5 to my paypal account, and i'll give you real code,
amongest the programing tech geekers here for all to see.

I'll show, what kinda garbage you cooked up in your Mathematica code
for “comparison”.

You can actually just post your “comparisons” to “comp.soft-
sys.math.mathematica”, and you'll be ridiculed to death for any
reasonable judgement of claim on fairness.

> Consequently, there is great value in combining Mathematica with performant
> high-level languages like OCaml and F#. This is what the vast majority of
> Mathematica users do: they use it as a glorified graph plotter.

glorified your ass.

Yeah, NASA, Intel, NSA, ... all use Mathematica to glorify their
pictures. LOL.

> What exactly do you believe is wrong with my code?

come flies $5 to my paypal, and i'll explain further.

> I am not trying to make Mathematica look bad. It is simply not suitable when
> hierarchical solutions are preferable...

Certainly there are areas other langs are more suitable and better
than Mathematica (for example: assembly langs). But not in the ways
you painted it to peddle your F# and OCaml books.

You see Jon, you are this defensive, trollish guy, who takes every
opportunity to slight other langs that's not one of your F#, OCml that
you make a living of. In every opportunity, you injest your gribes
about static typing and other things, and thru ensuring chaos paves
the way for you to post urls to your website.

With your math and functional programing expertise and Doctor label,
it can be quite intimidating to many geekers. But when you bump into
me, i don't think you have a chance.

As a scientist, i think perhaps you should check your newsgroup
demeanor a bit? I mean, you already have a reputation of being biased.
Too much bias and peddling can be detrimental to your career, y'known?

to be sure, i still respect your expertise and in general think that a
significant percentage of tech geeker's posts in debate with you are
moronic, especially the Common Moron Lispers, and undoubtably the Java
and imperative lang slaving morons who can't grope the simplest
mathematical concepts. Throwing your Mathematica bad mouthing at me
would be a mistake.

Come, fly $5 to my paypal account. Let the challenge begin.


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