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> I have a 12-year-old son who spends too much time playing Xbox live
> and watching silly YouTube videos. I would like to try to get him
> interested in programming. Is anyone aware of a good book or website
> that addresses this concern, preferably (but not necessarily) using
> Python? I could try to teach him Python myself, but I'm afraid I would
> just frustrate him and kill his interest in programming. I did a
> Google search and found a few things, but not a lot. Thanks.

Since your son seems to enjoy games, getting him interested in game
programming seems the most appropriate thing to do.

I'm not much of  a Gamer myself, but I should think maybe modding a
shooter or other kind of game should be within the grasp of a 12 year
old (provided you let him play shooters).

Also, there's AGS (and friends) for making Adventure games.

Depending on his interests, smaller projects might work out as well,
such as Sudoku, Mahjongh, Card Games and whatnot.

Any of those could well become father and son projects as long as you
let him have the lead.

Has he ever expressed an interest in programming at all?


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