ORB for Python and PHP

Diez B. Roggisch deets at nospam.web.de
Tue Dec 9 10:06:52 CET 2008

Laszlo Nagy schrieb:
>>> There are others but they do not support both Python and PHP. Should 
>>> I implement my own ORB, or do you know a suitable solution?
>> The whole purpose of an ORB ist that it is interoperable. So if you 
>> have a good python orb (I personally prefer OmniORB), and a good one 
>> for PHP - connect them.
> Are all ORBs compatible with each other? I know that this is offtopic, 
> but do you know any ORB for PHP? I couldn't find any.

As I said - that's the *purpose* of ORBs. It has taken a while, but 
AFAIK by now CORBA2.3 is pretty stable.

What about this?


I never used it though. PHP isn't to well suited for CORBA, due to the 
request/response-cycle based architecture.

>> I would suggest a consistent XMLRPC-interface though.
> Unfortunately, this would not be good. Sometimes we need to pass through 
> binary data (image file), do session management (which is hard to do 
> with xml-rpc, where each request is a new connection) and optimize speed 
> for communication when the parties are on the same machine.

Then maybe thrift is for you. http://wiki.apache.org/thrift/ThriftGeneration


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