game engine (as in rules not graphics)

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2008/12/29 Phil Runciman <philr at>:
> See: Chris Moss, Prolog++: The Power of Object-Oriented and Logic Programming (ISBN 0201565072)
> This book is a pretty handy intro to an OO version Prolog produced by Logic Programming Associates.

> From: Aaron Brady [mailto:castironpi at]
> Sent: Sunday, 28 December 2008 1:22 p.m.
> Not my expertise but here are my $0.02.  You are looking for ways to represent rules: buying a house is legal in such and such situation, and the formula for calculating its price is something.  You want "predicates" such as InJail, OwnedBy, Costs.
> Costs( New York Ave, 200 )
> InJail( player2 )
> OwnedBy( St. Charles Ave, player4 )
> LegalMove( rolldie )
> LegalMove( sellhouse )

I'm not sure I'm looking for prolog, i had an introductory course back
at the university but it didn't exactly like it. I'm after some info
how such rules would defined in python (specifically python althou
logic programming is probably the more appropriate way).

I guess I'm missing quite some basics in the design of such concepts,
I'll head back to google to find some introductory stuff now :).



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