Problems running on HP Intel duo core machine

jim-on-linux inq1ltd at
Thu Dec 11 20:58:16 CET 2008

py help,

I produced a program that runs on windows.
One client is using an HP machine with an Intel cpu 
E2200 @ 2.2ghz., and with .99 G ram.
The machine is using Win XP Pro 32 bit OS with service 
pack 2

I ran Dependency Walker and everything is OK.

I used py2exe to build the exe file with bundle 
files:1 and also 3, with the same traceback results.

I created a test print module that imports both 
win32api and win32ui modules and its only job is to 
print a page of text. 

The first module that is imported is win32api.
line 8 of that module adds to the path the module named 
The import is is completed without error.

The next module that is imported is win32ui.
line 8 of that module adds to the path a module named 
The search for the win32ui.pyd module seems to be the 
cause of the problem.  
ImportError: Dll load failed: The specified module 
could not be found.

Both modules 'win32api.pyd'  and win32ui.pyd are in the 
same directory.
Below is a copy of the module. The only 
difference between this and module is the 
name that is installed when creating the path.

def __load():
    import imp, os, sys
        dirname = os.path.dirname(__loader__.archive)
    except NameError:
        dirname = sys.prefix
    path = os.path.join(dirname, 'win32ui.pyd')
    #print "py2exe extension module", __name__, "->", 
    mod = imp.load_dynamic(__name__, path)
##    mod.frozen = 1
del __load

The only difference I can find is that this program 
works fine on every machine that it is tried on except 
the HP duo core machine, with Intel E2200 cpu.  
Somehow the path is affected?

I've tried all of the suggestions and checked a lot of 
things but I'm not there yet,  Any suggestions would 
be helpful.



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