Debugging in Python

Trent Mick trentm at
Mon Dec 1 19:33:02 CET 2008

Scott David Daniels wrote:
> Stef Mientki wrote:
>> ....  I'm not completely satisfied with even the "best" debuggers,
>> most of the good ones are too difficult,
>> so I want to wrap rpdb2 and
>> don't want to miss any great features ;-)
> I think ActiveState has a free 21-day trial, so you could check it out
> yourself if you are willing to spend the concentrated time to check it
> out.  

That is correct. Also the Python debugging docs are here, if that might 

> Their license terms are reasonable (the license is attached to _you_,
> not a particular machine you run it on, as I remember.

Also correct: with a Komodo IDE license you can use Komodo on any 
machine that you use.


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