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Hi Eric,

Once the UI is defined, you interface to events as usual, e.g.:

    def OnSelChanged(self, evt):
        self.tablecont = str(self.GetItemText(evt.GetItem()))
        self.dprint(line()+". OnSelChanged:", self.tablecont)
self.Bind(wx.EVT_TREE_SEL_CHANGED, self.OnSelChanged, self.tree)

P.S.: I think you'd get better responses if you asked this question on wxpython-users at<mailto:wxpython-users at>

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Hi, thank for the response (but it ain't in the usenet).

I'm looking for best pratices about connecting 'events' from a glade defined UI, and python code.

How to you manage it ?


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Hi Eric,
I'm not sure if I answer your question, but I designed wxPython GUI with wxGlade (

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I was wondering which is the "best practice" using glade/python, and, of course, especially the connect (both side).

I didn't found that much documentation on the net ( too noisy), and the best "thing" I've found was
which is a bit old now (2004). The article is very interesting BTW, but I was concerned by the fact it might be a little outdated.

It smells like I'm missing something here, and that there have been a clean way to connect both (the autoconnect stuff does not seem that clean to me) for a long time now.

So here is the question, do you practive galde/python, which is your practice ?



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