How to stop subprocesses from copying listening sockets

Roy Smith roy at
Fri Dec 26 04:05:43 CET 2008

In article <mailman.6204.1230258299.3487.python-list at>,
 Rick van Hattem <Rick at> wrote:

> Recently I've started building a program that spawns new processes when 
> requested via http, since the http interface doesn't need to be fancy I've 
> just used the BaseHTTPServer module for this, but... it seems I'm running 
> into a little problem. When spawning a new process (which forks itself into a 
> daemon, but isn't too relevant in this case) the listening socket is copied 
> to the new process.

The standard solution to this problem is to close all descriptors after 
forking and before doing the exec.  You can tell subprocess.Popen() to do 
this by call it with "close_fds=True".

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