How to Write to csv file to create bulk address book

k.i.n.g. nkanthikiran at
Sun Dec 7 14:58:45 CET 2008

Hi ,

I am new to scripting, I am working on script which would  create 'n'
number address book entries into a csv file which would be used to
import into a address book. I need suggestions for the same

The fileds for csv file are as follows

""Title","First Name","Middle Name","Last
Name","Suffix","Company","Department","Job Title","Business
Street","Business Street 2","Business Street 3","Business
City","Business State","Business Postal Code","Business Country","Home
Street","Home Street 2","Home Street 3","Home City","Home State","Home
Postal Code","Home Country","Other Street","Other Street 2","Other
Street 3","Other City","Other State","Other Postal Code","Other
Country","Assistant's Phone","Business Fax","Business Phone","Business
Phone 2","Callback","Car Phone","Company Main Phone","Home Fax","Home
Phone","Home Phone 2","ISDN","Mobile Phone","Other Fax","Other
Phone","Pager","Primary Phone","Radio Phone","TTY/TDD
Phone","Telex","Account","Anniversary","Assistant's Name","Billing
Information","Birthday","Business Address PO
Box","Categories","Children","Directory Server","E-mail Address","E-
mail Type","E-mail Display Name","E-mail 2 Address","E-mail 2 Type","E-
mail 2 Display Name","E-mail 3 Address","E-mail 3 Type","E-mail 3
Display Name","Gender","Government ID Number","Hobby","Home Address PO
Box","Initials","Internet Free
Name","Mileage","Notes","Office Location","Organizational ID
Number","Other Address PO
By","Sensitivity","Spouse","User 1","User 2","User 3","User 4","Web

All the entries written by csv file by script can be random & dummy as
this address book is used for testing purpose.

Thank you in advance,

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