Don't you just love writing this sort of thing :)

Tim Rowe digitig at
Wed Dec 10 13:39:02 CET 2008

2008/12/9 Ethan Furman <ethan at>:

> Not all code has to be written for everyone.  Not all code will be read by
> the masses.  Some code you write for yourself... an expression of who you
> are, how you think...
> While my own quirks are not as visually entertaining, I think it's another
> mark in Python's favor that such self-expression is possible, and
> functional.
> Yes, Lawrence, I do love writing fun code.

I did once get into a rivalry with a Perl programmer over
obfusticating a coding exercise. I knew from the start that I had no
chance, but I was impressed with how close-run I could make it with
Python. Fun, yes, but no way anything I would consider for code that
is actually going to be /used/ in any way whatsoever!

Tim Rowe

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