[OT] stable algorithm with complexity O(n)

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Mon Dec 15 07:17:36 CET 2008

On Mon, 15 Dec 2008 01:48:43 +0000, Steven D'Aprano wrote:

> Some things really don't have a solution, no matter how much power of
> positive thinking you apply to it.

Some may, only not with the current understanding of the universe. Well, 
I agree that there are a few things that is straight out nonsense, such 
as 4-angled triangle. 

And actually you've got the wrong message from the story, I hadn't intend 
it to be about positive thinking (as most motivators would exploit), it's 
more about thinking outside the current popular frame of minds. When 
you're not bound by everyone around you that says a task is impossible, 
you might have a better chance to solve the task (well, as long as the 
task *is* possible).

What follows is a not-so-funny joke.

Q: Construct a 4-angled triangle.
A: Hmmm.... let's see...
   What about this?

     /  \

Q: That's just a regular triangle
A: How about this?

  |     |
  |     |

Q: That's just a regular rectangle.
A: This?

     / | \

Q: Well, still no luck, it's a triangle, but it have 5 sides
A: Well... (after thinking for a moment)
   How about this?

                       /      \
                      /        \
                     /          \
   -----------------/            \-------\

Q: Perfect, just like what I wanted, but you shouldn't let the Python eat 

 -- Le Petit Prince & aptitude & me

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