Pythonic design patterns

r.grimm at r.grimm at
Sat Dec 6 09:59:07 CET 2008

> users in this forum has been kind enough to point out. Only my
> implementations are often not that clean, and I may call things
> something different than the normal convention, which is a source of
> confusion for myself and others trying to communicate with me.
I think, you should start with the classical books of Design Patterns
to get a solid understanding and especially vocabulary to communicate
with your coworkers. Its easier and better to say, that you will use a
strategy pattern than to describe the architecture in many sentences
to your partner in a ambigious way. Thats in my opinion the first and
the key benefit of Design Patterns. Speaking in the same language. The
next step should be to apply your knowledge to your programming
So I will recommend the classical GOF Books and the serie Pattern
Oriented Software Architecture.


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