python book for non technical absolute beginner

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Sun Dec 7 13:11:14 CET 2008

Thanks for your answers,

I'll look at
- "Python Programming, for the absolute beginner (second edition by
and at the LiveWires Course:

I looked at but
think it's not a good choice for a non engineer, as this course tries to
explain many principles, which are not really needed to get started.
AN example is recursion.
Recursion is important but confuses easily.
I remember still how quite some people at school disconencted mentally
when the teacher tried to explain the 'mathematical induction'.



News123 wrote:
> Hi,
> One of my 'non technical' friends complained about knowing nothing at
> all about programming (though using computers regularly for mails / web
> browsing / googling and downloading / cropping photos )
> He wants to play a little with programming to stimulate parts of his
> otehrwise idle brain cells. ;-) Normally it's more the social science /
> linguistic parts being exercised,
> I thought python might be a nice language for this
> No my question does anybody know a nice beginners book (or a learning CD
> or on line tutorial)? Ideally it shouldn't be too serious and have a lot
> of small nice mini-examples
> thanks in advance for any suggestions hints
> bye
> N

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