Article of interest: Python pros/cons for the enterprise

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Sun Feb 24 17:03:51 CET 2008

Just some anecdotal confirmation:

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 "Ryan Ginstrom" <software at> wrote:

> I personally used C++ for about 90% of my code for 10 years. During that
> time, I was chugging the C++ Kool-Aid so hard I almost peed myself. I still
> think that C++ is a beautiful language, but I have also come to think that
> starting a program with C++ is a premature optimization. 

Yes, I came to the same conclusion and now start all projects in Python, 
then add C/C++ extensions for optimization.  

> I think that very few Python programmers today started with Python. Most of
> them came to Python for a reason. 

Exactly right in my case.  In fact this observation is directly related 
to the one your the previous paragraph.  Python is a good language in 
which to start a progrom.

-- Lou Pecora

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