IDLE Won't Start w/o Socket Error--Win XP

Gabriel Genellina gagsl-py2 at
Tue Feb 12 22:12:55 CET 2008

En Tue, 12 Feb 2008 18:18:20 -0200, W. Watson <wolf_tracks at>  

> After simply trying to write a program with help(MakeQTE), a module, and
> having it fail with socket errors, I decided to restart IDLE, thinking I
> knew the cause. I'm now getting msgs like: "IDLE's subprocess didn't make
> connection. ... firewall may be blocking the connection." I doubt the FW
> connection. There's a small X warning dialog that says "Socket Error:
> Connection refused." Is there a way to reset IDLE?

 From the IDLE About box:

IDLE executes Python code in a separate process, which is restarted for  
Run (F5) initiated from an editor window.  The environment can also be
restarted from the Shell window without restarting IDLE.

(Personal firewall software may warn about the connection IDLE makes to its
subprocess using this computer's internal loopback interface.  This  
is not visible on any external interface and no data is sent to or received
 from the Internet.)

 From the help:

Running without a subprocess:

	If IDLE is started with the -n command line switch it will run in a
	single process and will not create the subprocess which runs the RPC
	Python execution server.  This can be useful if Python cannot create
	the subprocess or the RPC socket interface on your platform.  However,
	in this mode user code is not isolated from IDLE itself.  Also, the
	environment is not restarted when Run/Run Module (F5) is selected.  If
	your code has been modified, you must reload() the affected modules and
	re-import any specific items (e.g. from foo import baz) if the changes
	are to take effect.  For these reasons, it is preferable to run IDLE
	with the default subprocess if at all possible.

Gabriel Genellina

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