advanced usage of python threads

Steve Holden steve at
Sun Feb 24 14:39:22 CET 2008

hyperboreean wrote:
> Chris, I have already made my choice, I am asking just for a little help 
> with some documentation.
> I know about twisted.enterprise.adbapi, but the company is working with 
> sqlalchemy at the time.
> So please, I know you have good intentions but you're kind of not 
> helping me :)
> Well, probably instead of asking you people I should just start 
> searching the net, thing that I am already doing. But if any of you has 
> some info, please share.
> Thanks.
Well, if you plan to use threading with Twisted you would probably be a 
lot better off asking questions on the Twisted mailing list.

   twisted-python at

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