psycopg2: connect copy_from and copy_to

Thomas Guettler hv at
Tue Feb 19 17:23:19 CET 2008

> Doesn't PostGres come with Export/Import apps ? That would be easiest
> (and faster).

Yes, you can use "pg_dump production ... | psql testdb", but
this can lead to dead locks, if you call this during
a python script which is in the middle of a transaction. The python
script locks a table, so that psql can't write to it.

I don't think calling pg_dump and psql/pg_restore is faster.

> prod_cursor.execute('select data from production')
> for each_record in cursor.fetchall():
>     dev_cursor.execute('insert into testing')

I know, but COPY is much faster.


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