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Thu Feb 7 23:10:02 CET 2008

Kim Komando recommended SpamBayes (a Python-based Bayesian spam filter -
http://www.spambayes.org/) today to her readers/listening audience:


On one level this is very gratifying.  On another level it's created a whole
new set of requests like "Does SpamBayes work with Razzmatazz Mail?"  We're
getting a little inundated and I was hoping to get some help.  One question
I've seen multiple times in a couple different guises is "Does SpamBayes
work with Internet mail programs?"  Most of these people seem to be using
Yahoo, Gmail, AOL and the like.  I'm almost certain that it won't work with
AOL since that is a completely closed system.  I suspect the same to be true
of Hotmail.  I use it with Gmail via their POP interface, but have no
experience with their IMAP interface.  I know nothing about the mail
transfer capabilities of Yahoo or Hotmail.

If you use any of these systems for reading mail, can you take a moment to
answer a couple questions for me (private mail is fine)?

    1. Does <insert Internet Mail Program here> support POP3 or IMAP?

    2. Have you attempted to use SpamBayes with <insert Internet Mail
       Program here>?

    3. If so, were you successful?

I'm going to craft a little table for the SpamBayes FAQ page and it will
save me a bunch of time if I don't have to go wandering in the twisty little
mazes that are Internet mail sites.


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