Python GUI toolkit

bockman at bockman at
Mon Feb 4 16:19:28 CET 2008

> Another toolkit you might look into is Tkinter. I think it is something
> like the "official" toolkit for python. I also think it is an adapter
> for other toolkits, so it will use gtk widgets on gnome, qt widgets on
> kde and some other strange widgets on windows.

Not t so,  AFAIK. Tkinter is the python adapter for Tk, the toolkit
originally developed for Tcl language.

The latest version of Tk (not yet integrated in Python, maybe in 2.6)
has themes, which emulates
the look-and-feel of native toolkit at list for XP and OS X. For unix,
the last time I checked, there was only a theme that looked like a
plainer version of Gtk default theme. No Gnome or Kde themes yet.

The latest version of Tk also increased the set of available widgets,
which now is similar to the set of widgets offered by Qt/Gtk..
However, how much of these widgets will be available through Tkinter
will depend on people stepping in and upgrading Tkinter beyond simpy
ensuring that the old widgets still works. Given that many GUI-
developing python programmers have moved to other toolkits, I'm not
sure this will ever happen.


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