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Mon Feb 25 13:18:19 CET 2008

On Feb 25, 12:59 pm, Necmettin Begiter <necmettin.begi... at>
> 25 February 2008 Monday 11:15:14 tarihinde bkamr... at şunları yazmıştı:
> > Hi,
> > This is a basic problem, but I want to print help content in a Command
> > Prompt in WinXP and scrolling back to see the first lines. If I start
> > a command prompt and run python, and then for example,
> > >>> help(list)
> > it starts showing the help, which can be controlled by page or raw
> > using Spacebar or Enter but after this ends, it seems that I can't
> > scroll back to see again the first lines.
> > In the  Command Prompt Properties, layout tab, my Screen buffer size
> > is Width:80, Height:3000 and windows size 80x40 (W&H).
> > Any idea...? thanks in advance!!
> > /Ben
> Try PgUp when in Python help view.
> Try "python -c 'help(list)'" to get the help without Python prompt.

Even this doesn't help. But I think I've found a reason for this.
If I change the "start in" directory to C:\WINDOWS\system32\ (this is
where the cmd.exe file is located), then the printed text doesn't get
hide. Don't ask me why...

Thanks anyway,

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