Pure Python Salsa20 Stream Cipher Implementation

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>>>> On 8 Feb., 17:18, Paul Rubin <http://phr...@NOSPAM.invalid> wrote:
>>>>> I don't understand why a pure python version of salsa20 would be
>>>>> interesting.  Is there some application that uses salsa20, that's
>>>>> worth being able to interoperate with in pure python?
>>>> The reason for a pure python is that it would be independent from the
>>>> platform. A C implementation is faster, but you need to compile it for
>>>> every platform. A python implementation doesn't have that problem and
>>>> could be used to fall back upon.
>>> On most platforms -with a notable exception- there is a C compiler
>>> available as a standard tool, which is used to compile Python itself.
>>> distutils can easily compile and install C extensions itself, so most of
>>> the time "python setup.py install" is the only thing users have to
>>> execute, exactly the same as if the package were pure Python. With
>>> setuptools, things may be even easier.
>> What about Jython, PyPy, and IronPython?
>What about them?
>Do you mean that there should be a Python implementation for each and  
>every imaginable module over there, so it can be used with all of those  
>Python variants? Restricted of course to their minimum common feature set?

<shrug>  Is there some reason you're using exaggerated language?  My only
point is that simply saying "C compiler!  C compiler!" ignores the fact
that Python itself is multi-platform (and makes you look foolish);
whether any given module should be written in pure Python needs to be
decided on a case-by-case basis.
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