Hyphenation module PyHyphen-0.3 released

Ryan Ginstrom software at ginstrom.com
Sun Feb 24 04:32:25 CET 2008

> On Behalf Of Max Erickson
> the easy way to do this might be to find(in your mingw /lib 
> directory) and copy or rename libmsvcr71.a and libmsvcr71d.a 
> into libmsvcrt.a and libmsvcrtd.a (backing up the originals 
> if desired). If the MingW you have installed doesn't provide 
> the appropriate runtime, you would have to track that down.

Here's another way. Go to /MinGW/lib/gcc/mingw32/3.4.2/spec, and modify the
libgcc directive as follows:

%{mthreads:-lmingwthrd} -lmingw32 -lgcc -lmoldname -lmingwex -lmsvcr71

Ryan Ginstrom

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