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Fri Feb 1 01:00:47 CET 2008

On 29 Jan., 19:22, William Pursell <bill.purs... at gmail.com> wrote:
>  I
> believe "per object mixin" is the correct
> term for such an animal.  The first several google
> hits on that phrase all reference xotcl, so I'm
> not sure if that is an xotcl inspired vocabulary
> that isn't really standard.

well, it depends, what you mean by "standard" when it comes
to mixins. We coined the term to distinguish between per
object and per class mixins, where the per objects mixins
have much in common with the decorator design pattern (see
e.g. http://nm.wu-wien.ac.at/research/publications/xotcl-objpattern.pdf)

We have as well a paper showing that the approach based on
classes does not scale well, especially when multiple supplemental
classes should be mixed in, and some of the behavior should be as well
mixed out (see e.g. section 3.3 in http://nm.wu-wien.ac.at/research/publications/xotcl-mixin.pdf)

If you are interested in the matter, we have as well a recent paper
http://nm.wu-wien.ac.at/research/publications/b613.pdf providing
declarative semantics for mixins, and there is many more related
papers in the publications section of media.wu-wien.ac.at

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