Why not a Python compiler?

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Grant Edwards writes:

> On 2008-02-06, Gary Duzan <mgi820 at motorola.com> wrote:
>> In article <13qjktdbe76da00 at corp.supernews.com>,
>> Grant Edwards  <grante at visi.com> wrote:
>>> [...]
>>> Ouch. Two demerits for using the distance unit "parsec" in a
>>> context where a quantity of time was required.
>> No demerits for Andrew; it is a Star Wars reference, which is
>> quite on topic for this subthread.
>> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Kessel_Run
> Silly me.
> I wonder if George Lucas intended it as a joke or if he thought
> a parsec was a unit of time.

The latter because it was corrected in the novelization.


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