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Robert Dailey rcdailey at gmail.com
Thu Feb 7 22:04:06 CET 2008


I'm attempting to embed python into my game. What I want to do is the

1) Embed the interpreter into my game (Py_Initialize(), etc) using the
Python C API
2) Execute modules from my game using the python interpreter (Using
boost.python's objects and handles)
3) Expose C++ interfaces in my game that can be called from modules executed
through the interpreter integrated in my application.

Number 3, above, is the one I am not sure how to do. I know how to use
Boost.Python to create a DLL exposing functions that can be called from any
Python module, but I want to expose C++ functions into python for ONLY
modules processed by my game. I want game-related function calls (Like
CompleteQuest()) to be available to the Python scripts run through my game.
This is sort of how LUA works: You define a set of functions in your
application that are callable through scripts run BY the game only.

Can anyone help me on #3 above? How would I do this? Can you reference me to
documentation either in the boost library or python?
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