Design question - Sharing of single object by multiple processes

Steve Holden steve at
Fri Feb 1 01:15:00 CET 2008

Mike D wrote:
> Steve,
> You raise some very good (and obvious) issues I did'nt consider. I'll 
> look further into this sort of implementation as I'm quite interested.
> I suppose a compromise could be to load the objects from a pickle, that 
> may have issues in terms of updating the pickle perhaps, though it would 
> be much safer.
> I'll continue to investigate, thanks for your input.
No problem - I've had a long time to think about these things. You might 
also want to investigate the ConfigParser module, or Michael Foord's 
ConfigObj. In practice it would have to be a pretty complex 
configuration to make it worth pre-compiling it.

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