Suggestions for structure of HTML-generating app

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Thu Feb 7 10:57:31 CET 2008

On Feb 5, 9:14 pm, Bernard < at> wrote:
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> > Are there any good approaches of doing this kind of thing that I've
> > missed, or am I resigned to having HTML and Python code mixed and so
> > will just have to keep all that nastiness to as few modules as
> > possible?
> > Thanks,
> >   Matthew.
> we use Cheetah templates to do just that at my workplace.
> we use CherryPy to generate the data and then we pass it on
> to the Cheetah template which handles the data and add html over it.
> here's an article on that matter :

Thanks for the pointer to Cheetah.  At first glance it looks neat.
Cherrytemplate has done well for me so far but I don't think it's
active development any more so it may be time to migrate.


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