How to identify which numbers in a list are within each others' range

Matthew_WARREN at Matthew_WARREN at
Fri Feb 1 14:00:30 CET 2008

>> What is the best way to in python to identify the list items that
>> overlap and the items that don't overlap with any other.

>Is this usable?

>Assuming you transform your 3 tuples into a list of start-end 2 tuples and
sort them for lowest to highest, then

>a=[ (l[2],l[1]) for l in lst ]

>i=[ (pair,a[a.index(pair)+1]) for pair in a[:-1] if
>[((13, 21), (18, 22)), ((52, 58), (57, 63))]



I guess not. That attempt doesnt catch non adjacent ranges that also
overlap :/


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