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TerryP codemonkey at
Sun Feb 17 06:51:00 CET 2008

default at defaulted.default wrote:

> what would be the best python GUI toolkit, it must be cross platform.
> i have tried gtk, but it interface are real bad and its coding was
> difficult so i dropped it,
> the only remaining are qt4 and wx, i would like to know if one of these or
> any other toolkit is capable of creating good-looking GUI's, like in other
> apps, for e.g, .net apps.
> i m a noob, and willing to learn, so difficulty is no problem

I have only used the Qt bindings for GUI programming with Python or for that
matter GUI programming in any language I know beyond various toolkits

I'm more accustomed code wise to the style of interface provided by the
applications in /usr/bin/ on my workstation. So I like that Qt cuts the
crap and provides good stuff without more nuisance then is necessary to get
a functional GUI finished.

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