MyHDL project for FPGA development!

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Thank you very much for your reply. My Master's thesis is for Wright
State University and is of the following nature:
I am currently engaged with a Masters project, that utilizes a linear
array of isotropic sensors, or in my case electromagnetic antennas. I am
trying to develop a specialized Multidimensional FFT processor, that can
determine the angle of arrival and frequency content of a perceived
target with respect to the position of the linear array.  I should
further state that this Multidimensional FFT processor is currently of
only two dimensions.   Therefore, the MDFFT will only have a result of
frequency value versus angle of arrival of the target with respect to
the position of the linear array.  There is a great deal of mathematics
that are involved (SciPy), especially considering that in order to model
the two-dimensional signal of the linear sensor array, I have to utilize
concepts borrowed from differential geometry.  This is why I will need
to utilize a toolset like SciPy with python.  I would still like to
include the ImpulseC environment, since the environment does provide an
interesting connection between FPGA hardware and software running on
embedded processors ,such as the Power PC on Xilinx FPGAS.  I believe
that a marriage between Python, ImpulseC, MyHDL, SciPy, Gene Expression
Programming, and GNU Plot will develop into a very interesting and
powerful algorithm development environment for FPGAS.  I will also need
a way to develop floating-point hardware, since I will need to have the
dynamic range of floating-point in order to determine the angle of
arrival of targets placed many miles away from the linear sensor array.
This is why Impulse C should still be considered, since they provide the
ability of generating efficient floating-point hardware.   I have to go
now, since I have to report for my employment duties. In conclusion, I
would very much to continue development for a Python, Scipy, MyHDL
combined.   If there are any more questions, Dan, please contact me as
soon as possible.  


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Let's start by discussing your masters thesis subject in more detail. 
We can take a project from conception to hardware using MyHDL,  NumPy 
and SciPy.  Maybe you could use this project as a proof for your 
thesis showing this methodology warrants consideration compared other 
ASIC/FPGA flows. 

Let's discuss some of your ideas and decide how to proceed. 


On Feb 1, 2008 10:43 AM, Blubaugh, David A. <dblubaugh at>

	I would be honored to start a project such as that in mind.  How
do we
	begin ??????
	David Blubaugh
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	> I have been evaluating the python environment ever more
closer.  I
	> believe I can interface python with a development environment
known as
	> the ImpulseC environment.  The ImpulseC environment develops C
	> for FPGA development.     I would especially love to interface
	> with ImpulseC and the graphing capabilities of GNU Plot and
SciPy in
	> order to recreate a VHDL development environment that will be
just as
	> capable as a $50,000 dollar Matlab to VHDL toolbox.  This is
also a
	> part of my Masters thesis.  Is anyone willing to help in this
	> David Blubaugh
	Why not use MyHDL which is written in Python and translates to
	I assume ImpulseC is a commercial product and costs a log.
MyHDL is
	If you have any interests in combining MyHDL with SciPy and
NumPy I
	would be interested in getting involved.
	Dan Fabrizio
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