The big shots

Diez B. Roggisch deets at
Wed Feb 20 00:31:03 CET 2008

> May I insist?  By the criteria you've mentioned so far, nothing rules
> out 'ext'.  If it's still a bad idea, there's a reason.  What is it?

You imply that just because something is somehow working and even useful 
for a *some* people (some being maybe only you) that it would be worth 
including in the python standard lib. It is not.

There are no really formal rules for inclusion, but these are certainly 
rules of thumb that are being considered:

  - is it useful for *a lot of people*

  - will it be mantained and maintainable for "ever" once it is part of
    the standard distribution

  - does it introduce external dependencies? If yes, this must be *very*
    carful considered.

  - is the design well-thought and mature

  - does it make sense tying the release cycle of python the cycle of the
    new lib

And insulting the people who do work on python and do a marvellous job 
doing so is certainly *not* helping.


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