How about adding rational fraction to Python?

Ross Ridge rridge at
Fri Feb 29 04:56:02 CET 2008

Ross Ridge wrote:
> You're just going to have to accept that there that there is no
> concensus on this issue and there never was.

Steven D'Aprano  <steve at> wrote:
>But that's not true.  The consensus, across the majority of people (both 
>programmers and non-programmers alike) is that 1/2 should return 0.5. 

You're deluding yourself.  If there were a concensus then this issue then
it wouldn't be so controversial.  Even the Python developers admitted
that in the documentation for Python 2.2 when the feature was first

	(The controversy is over whether this is really a design flaw,
	and whether it's worth breaking existing code to fix this. It's
	caused endless discussions on python-dev, and in July 2001 erupted
	into an storm of acidly sarcastic postings on comp.lang.python. I
	won't argue for either side here and will stick to describing
	what's implemented in 2.2. Read PEP 238 for a summary of arguments
	and counter-arguments.)

The decision to change Python's behavior wasn't made by consensus,
or by popular vote.  It was made by fiat.

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