PHP Developer highly interested in Python (web development) with some open questions...

Tamer Higazi th982a at
Sun Feb 24 14:33:52 CET 2008

Am Sonntag, den 24.02.2008, 13:44 +0100 schrieb Christian Heimes:
> Plone and Archetypes (based on Zope) have a tool named ArchGenXML. It
> takes UML XMI files and generates content types, workflows and products
> for the Plone CMS.

I don't want workflows, I want the classes and methods generated. Or do
I understand this answer wrong

> Source code encryption can't stop people from reading or stealing your
> code. Microsoft tries it, Apple tries it and even the RIAA tries it.
> None of them had success in the past. :]
> A proper service contract is more important.

Not true! you can disassemble the app and then have fun reading, not
that easy. I simply want that nobody reads the "sourcecode" or better
said the content of the python files I would have generated. 

But I think I have found one sollution. I have red that the bytecode
compiler from Python is very advanced (more then the PHP bcompiler) to
give me good brotection. 

Still I will have to look a lot for Python libraries which give me the
same hardcore feeling like ezComponent ( 

I think Python is great! And I will soon dive there in! 


What is the difference between Ruby and Python? Can anyone say that to

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