Current Fastest Python Implementation?

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Mon Feb 18 09:41:27 CET 2008

On Feb 18, 9:37 am, Stefan Behnel <stefan... at> wrote:
> samuraisam wrote:
> > Has anyone done any recent testing as to which current python
> > implementation is the quickest?
> Search for a recent thread on CPython and IronPython.
> > Perhaps for Django development -
> > though the current one certainly is fast (and I doubt micro
> > optimizations would make much difference in overall performance).
> > Regardless - have those pypy folks made a faster implementation, or
> > the jython folks? Or the .NET implementation?
> Depends on your use case. Take your application, do some benchmarking and use
> the implementation that turns out to be a) most reliable and b) the fastest.
> In that order.
> Stefan

PyPy [] is getting
progressively faster.

In fact for certain things it can be faster than C [http://]!

However it seems it still has a way to go to be fully operational!
Still looks like the future to me.

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