very simple Genetic Algorithm completed

Matthew_WARREN at Matthew_WARREN at
Fri Feb 1 12:19:16 CET 2008

looking into speeding up the GA code I posted, I ran it with cProfile.

Fri Feb 01 11:05:57 2008    evprof

         30100116 function calls in 93.614 CPU seconds

   Ordered by: internal time

   ncalls  tottime  percall  cumtime  percall filename:lineno(function)
  7160929   34.542    0.000   37.844    0.000
  7160929   13.634    0.000   51.478    0.000
    80080   12.321    0.000   62.645    0.001
    80330    8.631    0.000    8.891    0.000 {eval}
    80380    8.324    0.000   14.243    0.000
  7568392    7.546    0.000    7.546    0.000 {method 'replace' of 'str'
  7160929    3.302    0.000    3.302    0.000 {method 'random' of
'_random.Random' objects}
    80380    2.659    0.000    4.592    0.000

... Does this in essence mean the main place I should be looking is mutate()
I'm imagining randint and randrange are already as fast as they can be..


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