Hyphenation module PyHyphen-0.4 released - good news for Windows users

Dr. leo fhaxbox66 at googlemail.com
Wed Feb 27 08:05:58 CET 2008

Thank you very much for your interest, helpful comments and suggestions. Two
of you have even sent me .pyd files one of which (arguably compiled with
MSVC 2003) is contained in version 0.4 for manual installation. This has
spared me the hazzle to install cygwin etc.

I have made the following changes all of which are due to feedback received
from this group:
- restructured the whole thing to form a package rather than two independent
modules in the root package (only two days ago I became aware of the beauty
of __init__.py files!)
- setup script installs the default English dictionary in the package dir
rather than in a completely useless dict/ subdir. So the trouble with
IOErrors upon instantiation should be history.
- improved the module documentation: it now contains the link to the
OpenOffice website where you can download your favorite dictionary.
- I also updated the README file and cleaned up the source tree.

Reportedly and in contrast to gcc, MSVC produces a few signed/unsigned
mismatch warnings. This should be easy to fix but I haven't had the time for
this. The pyd runs smoothly with Python 2.5 anyway. My special thanks go to
G.K. for his detailed feedback.

So I think it is worthwhile to download the latest version at

Finally, I'd like to share with you some ideas regarding potential next
steps which might add value to some projects:

- integrating PyHyphen with the standard module 'textwrap'

'textwrap' is a quite useful thing. But it might benefit from adding
hyphenation capabilities. Consider an optional argument, say, 'use_hyphens',
to be passed to the __init__ method of the textwrapper class. It should
default to None for backwards compatibility. The methods doing the wrapping
business should then invoke hyphenator.wrap(word, width), if available and
do the necessary work. The changes should be easy to implement. I'm not sure
whether subclassing textwrapper would be the preferred approach...

- exploring if there is appetite to integrate PyHyphen with GUI's and web
development frameworks.

Although I would be happy to give it a first go on textwrap, I fear I won't
find the time in the coming weeks. Spring is ahead in my country after

So if you wish to contribute, the above bullets may be good starting points.

Thanks again and enjoy!


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