Microsoft's challenger to Python

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Fri Feb 8 17:34:35 CET 2008

On 08/02/2008, Steve Holden <steve at> wrote:
> Daniel Fetchinson wrote:
>  >>>  > I am not, however, an in depth language nutter, so would
>  >>>  > appreciate any of our more learned readers comments.
>  >
>  > Maybe I'm missing the obvious here, but what does Cobra have to do
>  > with Microsoft?
>  > (Apart from being .NET oriented.) It seems it's an open source project
>  > of a guy who doesn't work for Microsoft.
> Quite, Chuck Esterbrook is a long-time Python user. He was, IIRC, one of
>  the prime movers behind WebKit, which was a jolly good piece of software
>  for its time.

I take my comments back then, and apologize to Chuck. My comments were
directed at Microsoft based on that company's aggressive and often
unethical business practices. They were made with no knowledge about
the Cobra project other than that which was stated in the original
email of this thread, which purported Cobra to be a Microsoft project.
Microsoft has a very long way to go before regaining my respect,
support, or money.

Dotan Cohen

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