How to configure Python in Windows

cosmo_general at cosmo_general at
Fri Feb 29 00:20:56 CET 2008

Hi Folks,

I just downloaded precompiled Python for Windows, and it runs. Now I
have got the command line coding. However, I can't run my python
scripts. My python script,, is located in C:\\....\pydir, and I
have set the python interpreter on the directory. When I run
os.listdir(), I found my script of is right in the pydir. But,
when I tried to run command-line python, to compile it, I got
"Syntax error: invalid syntax". I guess the interpreter did not find
my script  In the past, I worked python on unix/linux, and I
knew how set the path, and I ran my python scripts smoothly. I wonder
anybody can help me to configure the python interpreter? Thanks!

Muddy Coder

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