Will Python on day replace MATLAB?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

chewie54 dfabrizio51 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 1 03:34:13 CET 2008

> I have been evaluating the python environment ever more closer.  I
> believe I can interface python with a development environment known as
> the ImpulseC environment.  The ImpulseC environment develops C to VHDL
> for FPGA development.     I would especially love to interface Python
> with ImpulseC and the graphing capabilities of GNU Plot and SciPy in
> order to recreate a VHDL development environment that will be just as
> capable as a $50,000 dollar Matlab to VHDL toolbox.  This is also a part
> of my Masters thesis.  Is anyone willing to help in this endeavor?????
> David Blubaugh

Why not use MyHDL which is written in Python and translates to
I assume ImpulseC is a commercial product and costs a log.  MyHDL is
If you have any interests in combining MyHDL with SciPy and NumPy I
be interested in getting involved.

Dan Fabrizio

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