Error messages when using the Console Module

Christian Heimes lists at
Fri Feb 15 15:13:00 CET 2008

peter wrote:
> I am developing code using the effbot Console module, which gives
> control over the Windows terminal settings.  My problem is that while
> this module redirects standard output to a new console window, it
> seems to redirect standard error messages to a black hole.  So when my
> new code fails, I have no error messages to assist in diagnosing the
> problem.  At times I have been reduced to writing new code a line at a
> time!

Windows GUI apps don't have valid standard streams. stdin, stdout and
stderr aren't connected and their fileno is -1. I guess you have to
connect the streams manually when you create a console window. C code
can use freopen() but I don't know how to properly redirect the streams
from Python.

MSDN has probably some docs for you.


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