Raising exception on STDIN read

Michael Goerz newsgroup898sfie at 8439.e4ward.com
Wed Feb 27 23:06:00 CET 2008

Grant Edwards wrote, on 02/27/2008 04:34 PM:
> On 2008-02-27, Michael Goerz <newsgroup898sfie at 8439.e4ward.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I would like to raise an exception any time a subprocess tries to read 
>> from STDIN:
>> latexprocess = subprocess.Popen( \
>>          'pdflatex' + " " \
>>           + 'test' + " 2>&1", \
>>          shell=True, \
>>          cwd=os.getcwd(), \
>>          env=os.environ, \
>>          stdin=StdinCatcher() # any ideas here?
>>      )
>> An exception should be raised whenever the pdflatex process
>> reads from STDIN... and I have no idea how to do it. Any suggestions?
> If I were you, I'd just run LaTeX in batch mode.  That's what I
> always used to do when automating the running of LaTeX using a
> shell script or makefile.  IIRC, you do something like this:
>   ret = os.system("latex \\batchmode\\input %s" % filename)
Yeah, I'm doing that by default. The problem in my actual program is 
that the user can change the latex command and the compiler options, so 
I can't guarantee that the latex compiler is being run in batchmode or 
nonstopmode (The user might screw up). So, ideally, I want to enforce 
that the subprocess is non-interactive by trowing an exception if it 
does ask for input.

I have to use subprocess instead of os.system because I want to filter 
the output (colorize it, parse for warnings, etc.)


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