SAGE for FPGA development

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 because labview is neither free nor open source.  Labview is not the
route to go for someone like me who has no real capital.  

David Blubaugh

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Blubaugh, David A. wrote:
> Bill,
> Let me first say that my FPGA experiences are of the following nature:
> 1.) Developed control algorithms onto a FPGA that were utilized to
> control a switch-reluctance motor (three-phase as well six-phase).  
> 2.) I am currently in the process of developing a specialized
> Multidimensional FFT processor that can be utilized to determine the
> frequency content and angle of arrival of a target via a linear sensor
> array.  
> I believe that you are deeply mistaken about that I would be the only
> person to use such a system.  The FPGA market will only increase as
> embedded systems utilize more and more FPGAs for the processing needs,
> since embedded system are being task with more computationally
> tasks, such as for example, image digital signal processing within
> portable digital cameras.  Electrical and Computer Engineers could
> to utilize SAGE for system programming and development, not just only
> mathematicians or physicists doing their own selected work.
> Also, I think that you may have the wrong idea of porting SAGE to be
> executed within a FPGA.  What I had in mind was to have MyHDL embedded
> within SAGE, where sage could handle the graphical plot outputs of
> is being generated by MyHDL.  To be absolutely clear, SAGE could be
> to handle the graphs for the simulation side of what the logic that is
> being generated by MyHDL embedded within the SAGE framework.  This
> help in testing algorithms as they are being generated into verilog
> logic, by having a graphical experience within the entire development
> process.
> If you have any more additional questions, please contact me as soon
> possible.  
Why not use LabView, it seems to have good FPGA support ?

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