ways to declare empty set variable

Sun as at hut.at
Tue Feb 12 15:04:43 CET 2008

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> On Feb 12, 3:45 pm, "Sun" <a... at hut.at> wrote:
>> Maybe this is a very primative question, but I just get a bit confused 
>> about
>> 'set' and 'Set' module in python.
>> I understand 'set' is a build in type in python after 2.4(or 2.3) and Set 
>> a
>> seperate module, anyhow, I gonna use build in 'set'.
>> then the question is how can I declare a empty set variable as a 'var= 
>> []'
>> do to a list variable?
>>>> test = set()
>>>> test
> set([])
>>>> type(test)
> <type 'set'>
> You looking for that ?

yeah, that 's what I am looking for, thanks all for such prompt answers!

I was wondering why can't I use a format as "var = {} " to "var=list()" in 
set variable, and decided not to  bother with it.


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