Linux/Python Issues

Bruno Desthuilliers bruno.42.desthuilliers at
Thu Feb 21 17:05:04 CET 2008

MartinRinehart at a écrit :
> re being serious
> I am serious. I am seriously trying to develop a nice language for
> beginners.

That's not what I was talking about.

> re DLing source
> As a "solution" to the problem of wanting a program on my computer, it
> sucks. On Windows I'll DL an install package, "accept" a license
> agreement, click Next a few times (no, I can't make a cup of coffee
> because the minute I step away the "Wizard" will ask a question), ...
> With CNR the commitment is that I CAN walk away. I do not know who
> should be responsible for putting things in the warehouse.

Those who maintain the warehouse.

> I do wish
> that the *n*x community would create some sensible standards so the
> 'our distro doesn't put things where others do'

There are such standards - but not anyone is following them. What you 
have to understand is that unix is not *one* OS, but a (quite large) 
family of OSs.

> would stop being an
> issue. Looking in "/usr/bin" and its brethren makes "c:\Program Files"
> seem organized.

Your opinion.

> re changing distros because apt-get could do the job
> I'll take your words for the superiority of Ubuntu. But I'll not
> change from one problem (can't find the python-devel that
> says I need) to another (installing a new OS). I bought my Linspire
> computer with the OS installed. I've no interest in mastering the art
> of installing Linux.

Installing Ubuntu is quite straightforward. IMHO even simpler than 
installing any "recent" (ie >= NT4) version of Windows.

> I'm a big fan of KDE, KATE and Konqueror and
> having a dozen desktops for a dozen projects. I do not miss crashes
> and viruses. I do not miss shelling out hundreds of bucks for an
> office suite.

Fine. But anyway, you have to face the fact that your OS doesn't provide 
a proper package for recent Python versions, and that this is by no mean 
the responsability of the Python team. So you're left with the following 

- complain to the company selling Linspire until they provide this package
- try to install Python from sources
- install another OS

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