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> >> greg wrote:
> >>> Carl Banks wrote:
> >>>> In C you can use the mmap call to request a specific physical location
> >>>> in memory (whence I presume two different processes can mmap anonymous
> >>>> memory block in the same location)
> >>> Um, no, it lets you specify the *virtual* address in the process's
> >>> address space at which the object you specify is to be mapped.
> >>>
> >>> As far as I know, the only way two unrelated processes can share
> >>> memory via mmap is by mapping a file. An anonymous block is known
> >>> only to the process that creates it -- being anonymous, there's
> >>> no way for another process to refer to it.
> >> On POSIX systems, you can create a shared memory object without a file 
> >> using shm_open.  The function returns a file descriptor.
> > 
> > Sorry I missed the OP, but you might be interested in this shared memory 
> > module for Python:
> >
> Thanks; I just downloaded it.  It seems to be missing the INSTALL file; 
> any idea where I could find that, or should I write to the author?

The main author has been AWOL for some years now. I'm the current 
maintainer. Sorry about the missing INSTALL file. Looks like I made 
reference to it in the README but never created it. It installs with the 

sudo python

I'll put out an updated package with an INSTALL file one of these days. 
Thanks for pointing that out.


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