Article of interest: Python pros/cons for the enterprise

Larry Bugbee ebugbee at
Sun Feb 24 22:40:09 CET 2008

> You mean static data typing, right?  Are there any known holes in the
> dynamic type system that still need to be plugged?  (I haven't heard of
> any.)

My apologies.  You are right, I meant optional, static typing.  Thanks
for the catch Jeff.

Python's dynamic typing is just fine.  But if I know the type, I want
the ability to nail it.  ...local variables, arguments, return values,
etc  And if I don't know or care, I'd leave it to dynamic typing.

The need for a lot of doc goes away, those new to the language that
think it's a big deal can be explicit, and as I suggested earlier, I
think the byte code interpreter could be made a lot smarter and
faster.  ...and corporate acceptance would follow.


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